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Temazcal, Wine, Meat, Spirit.

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Today I went to a temazcal, it was a wonderful experience, it felts like if a was born again, today I was able to say: Ixaya (“Action of opening the eyes in nahuatl”).

A temazcal is a mexican spiritual temple where you pray, sing, and think about everything in the nature, your world and the universe as a whole. It was a very spiritual and renewing experience that I recommend to everyone who travels to México.

Inside the temazcal a shaman mixed herbs, water and volcanic rocks creating an ambient of moisture and hot air, it is like if you where breathing mother nature essence; After going out you fill slimmer, healthier, and humble.

After the temazcal I went to a place where I can buy every wine ever imagined, it was a very small place filled with bottles of wine. The owner attended me and help me select a nice bottle of wine, after a good course of tasting wines, I ordered a good piece of steak (rib eye) from a nearby restaurant. It was a wonderful experience. I was very relaxed because of the temazcal, and also very drunk because of the wine (I think that the relaxing experience of the temazcal + wine and steak take you to a relaxing-drunk state).

The music of the place was just right, it was as if it was planned from the heavens for me. Just as if it was the consummation of all the dharma available of the world.

All the time I was with my girlfriend and in the temazcal I was also with my new chinese friend, so It was a experience with good company.

PD: Eating meat is not good, but this little animal was killed without pain, it was like kosher, and I thanked him for allowed me to eat his meat so I can be healthy).

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May 2, 2010 at 12:27 am

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Technology Freedom

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The censorship of the Web is growing, more than 40 governments censor information today. In this globalized world, where we are in fact world citizens we must ensure our freedom, and the technology is a way of achieving that freedom.

The technology innovation broke the cultural, political, displacement and information barriers. The authoritarian governments around the world build complex schemes of censorship including firewalls, proxies, legal agreements with third party governments  and corporations. It is important for all of us to keep the information flowing with out the banning of any party in order to archive true freedom through technology innovation.

Companies like: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo; Human rights groups and others  launched the global network initiative, which defines codes of conduct for technology companies in repressive regimes, it has defined principles for protecting user privacy and freedom of expression.

The site Global Voices organize conferences where you can learn how to form networks inside and outside of your country so you can circumvent banning technology.

The Toronto Citizen Lab is providing users with tools to circumvent technologies that block users freedom and google launched a tool that show the users what request have been sent to google from governments asking the removal of content that they don’t want to be shown over the internet using google’s infrastructure.

We at Ixaya are also launching the Free Hosting Program where you can get free hosting if you need infrastructure to keep the information flowing in your university, academic project, or your community. No matter of which country you are (currently the instructions are in spanish).

It is you the one who must fight for their own freedom, it is all of us who will ensure that the technology will help us achieve the maximum freedom of all: “The Information & Knowledge Freedom, The Thinking and Expression Freedom”.

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April 21, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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