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International English Keyboard with Accents and Spanish Characters for Macs with Windows (BootCamp)

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Simple but usefull

There are two certitudes in this world.

1.- Programmers are faster with English keyboards.

2.- Spanish language need accents.

How do you writte software in spanish using and english keyboard on your laptop?, you can certainly change your keyboard language but that is a pin in the neck. So I created this keyboard for you Windows developers that need to write documentation / titles / buttons in spanish but use an english keyboard for speed purposes.

1.- Download and Install using Setup File

2.- Select the “Ixaya” keyboard from the English / United States list.

(The keyboard is intended to be used in Macs with Windows but it should work on normal PC’s) (AltGr in Mac is the Alt key near the arrow keys (right alt))

AltGr + a = á
AltGr + e = é
AltGr + i = í
AltGr + o = ó
AltGr + u = ú
AltGr + n = ñ
Enjoy, Download

Written by gumoz

August 6, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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