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In my eternal search of purification and enhancement, I decided to detoxificate my body, in this post I will provide you with some techniques that I have been using.

Sitali Pranayam

The Sitali Pranayam also known as “refreshing breathing” is used in some kriyas “yoga technique for archiving  a specific result” .

  • Curl your tonge in the form of a U.
  • Inhale through the curved tongue.
  • Exhale through the nose.

You will feel a bitter flavor in your tongue, that is a sign of detoxification, after you are fully detox you will sense a sweet flavor.


The Agni-Prasana also known as “Breath of Fire” is a technique that will:

  • Enhance your pulmonary capacity
  • Liberate toxins and sediments from your lounges, mucosal revetment and blood vessels
  • Massage your internal organs
  • Detox your blood flow
  • Readjust your nervous system
  • Extend your life span

The Yogi Bhajan said that a person have a determined number of breathings since his birth to his death. The Breath of Fire is just one from the moment that you begin to the moment that you finish. That means that you can prolong your life span doing the breath of fire.

How to do it:

  • Inhale and exhale through your nose (you can also do it through your mouth)
  • Inhale pushing your diaphragm out.
  • Exhale constraining your diaphragm in.
  • Your breathing should be very fast, 2 or 3 times per second, and very strong. (After perfection of the technique you should be able to breath 120 to 180 times per minute).

Don’t do it if you are pregnant.

Walking and Running

Everybody know how to walk or run, but what it is important is to do it without surpassing your heart-rate zone. To calculate this zone only subtract your age from 180, this defines your uppermost limit before you start burning sugar instead of fat.

The fat burning zone is broken in three stages:

  1. Warm-up zone (125 – 135)
  2. Mostly Aerobic Pace or MAP (135 – 145)
  3. Most Efficient Pace or MEP (145 – 155)

How to identify your heart beat zone:

  • When you are in MAP or MEP:
  1. Your vision is clear and you can talk normally without short of breath
  2. You are in a steady, comfortable rhythm
  • When you are out of your aerobic zone:
  1. You are short of breth (especially when talking)
  2. You feel dizzy
  3. You are looking forward to finishing


The most effective exercise yet devised by man (according to NASA).

Safe, Easy to use, and effective, rebounding will:

  1. Strengthen your glandular system
  2. Increase circulation and oxigen flow
  3. Increase metabolism
  4. Enhance digestion, relaxation, sleep patters, nerve impulses and muscle fiber.
  5. Great for detox and cleanse
    • Stimulates the free-flowing system that drains away toxins, dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk cast of by the cells.
  6. Condition and Strengthen the heart.
  7. Strengthens the immune system:
    • The increased “G force” during rebounding will result in self-propelled immune cells to became 5 times more active.
    • The T-lumphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled through amebic action.
  8. Moves the cerebral-spinal fluid and is benefits the intestines.
  9. Beneficial for diabetes because reduces your body fat and provides an aerobic effect for your heart.
  10. Gives your body energy then it’s tired.
  11. Combat cancer:
    • If you supplement the rebound exercise with a diet with enzymes, the outer coating of cancer cells will be dissolved by the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, so the immune cells will attack the cancer cells.

Written by gumoz

May 9, 2010 at 3:59 am

Temazcal, Wine, Meat, Spirit.

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Today I went to a temazcal, it was a wonderful experience, it felts like if a was born again, today I was able to say: Ixaya (“Action of opening the eyes in nahuatl”).

A temazcal is a mexican spiritual temple where you pray, sing, and think about everything in the nature, your world and the universe as a whole. It was a very spiritual and renewing experience that I recommend to everyone who travels to México.

Inside the temazcal a shaman mixed herbs, water and volcanic rocks creating an ambient of moisture and hot air, it is like if you where breathing mother nature essence; After going out you fill slimmer, healthier, and humble.

After the temazcal I went to a place where I can buy every wine ever imagined, it was a very small place filled with bottles of wine. The owner attended me and help me select a nice bottle of wine, after a good course of tasting wines, I ordered a good piece of steak (rib eye) from a nearby restaurant. It was a wonderful experience. I was very relaxed because of the temazcal, and also very drunk because of the wine (I think that the relaxing experience of the temazcal + wine and steak take you to a relaxing-drunk state).

The music of the place was just right, it was as if it was planned from the heavens for me. Just as if it was the consummation of all the dharma available of the world.

All the time I was with my girlfriend and in the temazcal I was also with my new chinese friend, so It was a experience with good company.

PD: Eating meat is not good, but this little animal was killed without pain, it was like kosher, and I thanked him for allowed me to eat his meat so I can be healthy).

Written by gumoz

May 2, 2010 at 12:27 am

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