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reflect and unpack, the use of .net reflector and some unpacking techniques

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I usually need to reverse engineer some stuff so I can learn the inner workings of software and hardware, there is a tool that I use when I need to check some source code from a .net binary (executables or dlls) that is called: .net reflector, this tools is super cool and useful because you can with a simple click check the source code of a compiled binary.

As you can see from the picture, it lets you open .net binaries and see the source code, it even allows you to see the comments, haha.

Well this is not enough because some people rely on packaging their software so that it gets encrypted inside a packing file which decrypts it on the fly to the memory when executing. Well, packaging is lame so when we need to reflect the source code of a packed software we will first unpack it (hahaha its easy), first you’ll need to identify the packaging, it depends on the platform the software is meant to execute for the packaging method or software used, so for example for a windows software we will use a PE Identifier like PEiD.


So after you identify the Packager you can use an unpacker software according to the packed binary. For example, I use .net unpack, a software so easy to use that opening a packed software is just as easy as making an infinite loop.

Well, the exact instructions are not provided here because you will use it for evil instead of good, unless you are me of curse (I use it to test our own software ability to stop reverse engineering efforts because PEMEX regulations tell us that our software should not be reverse engineer-able (I know, thats impossible).


Written by gumoz

December 19, 2010 at 1:06 am

Cyphernomicon – Cyberpunk

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I think that people interested in liberties and free speech should read the Cyphernomicon, it is a manifesto about cryptography and how to achieve anonymity.

Around that, there is something called Freenet.

Freenet is a network that uses peer-to-peer technology in conjunction with cypher algorithms to protect the individual from being tracked down, in Freenet you can share files and browse or publish sites called: freesites which are websites only available through the people connected in freenet. You can also put your computer in darknet mode which will allow only your friends to connect to your freesites and provides more anonymity (or at least is more difficult to detect).

Exist another networks like GNUNet and Entropy but I recommend Freenet because is more censorship-resistant. (frees-peech does not mean violate copyright laws).

Written by gumoz

December 18, 2010 at 4:37 pm

The War where you are and don’t know about, The CyberWar

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Today we are experiencing one of the first cybernetic wars that will be held in the next following days / years. The structures of power are changing, shifting to new distributed power structures held by the people, held by the ones that construct the world, held by us, the ones that speak out our lives every day, the ones that clean the baths, the ones that eat a donut, the ones that see those naked pictures on social networks, the ones that play online games, the ones that build houses, the ones that build computers, the ones that use money, the ones that eat vegetables. the ones, that create the world as it is, we are those ones, and we are those who are part of this new distributed power structure.

The governments around the world are censoring free speech and silencing everyone who tries to bring to the light the messy and dirty way of governing. They are trying to censure us, they are trying to censure you.

Today we  are in the middle of this new war that the governments are trying to held but will not manage to win, is not a war that kills people, is a war that kill economics, kill liberties, kill information, kill power structures, kill what matters in the world apart from living things, it kills our way of living, and the governments way of living; It all seams as if Governments and Individuals are two different entities from different worlds, as if they where aliens and we where the ones protecting our heart. Today the governments are the aliens, the ones that alienated the system.

Today we are combating those aliens with our best weapon, our knowledge.

The Governments attack:

Governments like China attacked Google and USA, USA attacked WikiLeaks, Amazon halted Wikileaks Hosting, Paypal canceled Wikileaks account, A Swiss Bank frizzed Assage’s assets (WikiLeaks Co-Founder), Visa and MasterCard banned Wikileaks from their transactions. (All this seams as governments attacks to the people isn’t it).

The People’s counterattack:

Several Independent Groups like Anonymous (and everyone who want’s to join) attacked Paypal and halted their operation, attacked the Swiss Bank and it halted operation, and they are attacking almost every political target that they see fit to defend Assage’s

The Governments counter-counterattack:

Now governments are targeting Anonymous and every website that they see fit.

The People’s again:

Sites like: and have been taken down also.


Seams like Paypal have managed to defend from the cyberattacks after hours of being halted and un-operational.

Whats next:

We don’t know how this will end, but a lot of companies and individuals have lose a lot of money in the middle of this war. I hope it ends soon and whichever structure of power that wins help us construct a better tomorrow.

Written by gumoz

December 7, 2010 at 12:24 am

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