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Punish the lambs & make the wolfs rich.

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It is bad to let free assassins because they are defended by expensive lawyers, but it is worse to punish someone that barely do anything wrong because he can not defend himself.

When you create regulations, it gets sometimes to complicated because that rule can censor or punish a citizen with genuine motivations instead of helping the governments officials get wrongly intended citizens, as an example the new bill that was approved in the US to sensor rogue websites that create scams or have criminal motivations. With that bill, websites that have genuine intentions but that are being investigated by entities that want to mislead a truthfully well intentioned investigation can or will be censored / banned, and overall kill them off the DNS system by those mentioned entities. This can be done by entities like music conglomerates and overall content companies that does not know how to create revenue from an old-fashioned patent and authoring protection system. With this kind of bills any companies that feel themselves attacked by innovation and free speech will try to harm, stop and censor goodly intended websites if they fear to lose something by technology innovation, or freedom.

In Ixaya we promote the achievement of true freedom through technology Innovation.

Written by gumoz

November 18, 2010 at 7:01 pm

Posted in Freedom, Public affairs

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